Japan Quake Rpt: Hysten May 5 ’11


Six weeks after the Tsunami/Earthquake we find that although time has progressed and much has been repaired, there is still much to be done by way of helping those in need. For the most part, not much has changed and the ordeal of restoring Japan continues to be a long process. Many people are still displaced and homeless. Amidst the physical needs for supplies and suitable housing, people are in need of mental and spiritual assistance. The strain on the old and young alike is well documented in the daily news. For those with whom we have interacted over the weeks it would appear that many are trying to surmount an indistinguishable line that toggles on their emotions during these difficult times. Many just want to seek some form of normalcy in an inimitable experience. For those deeply impacted by recent events, many are trying to overcome by finding meaning in tragedy. For others who were fortunately far enough away, there is a pensive struggle to either give into despair over this massive disaster or to find ways to render help. God willing we will be of the latter; instead, of the former. We continue to coordinate with churches in the Shizuoka and those in northern Japan concerning relief efforts. Collectively, we will not only help those deeply impacted by recent events—but give glory to God as well. Please continue to pray for Japan and please continue to pray for us. It continues to be our prayer that through this disaster, a door of opportunity to bring someone to the Lord will open for us.

We are so grateful for the tremendous outpouring of love and well wishes from so many of you. We are without words to adequately express the magnitude of our joy for the obvious heartfelt love you have shown to us and the Japanese people, expressed in your large financial gift to bring relief those in pain who have lost so much. God will reward you for your kindness…