Japan Quake Rpt: Obata May 8 ’11

Here is a report from brother Shiro Obata in his own words.  The English may be a bit rough in places, but I think the meaning comes through.  I’ve added some editorial comments to help you understand the background of some of what he says.

Brother Obata and members of the Ochanomizu church in Tokyo worked for three years in relief efforts during the Osaka-Kobe Earthquake (Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake).

Our team does not go to big shelters, but try to find the people who are in their home by many reasons. And they are left out public help often.

New area is Watanoha area. We met the people at small park and presented many things. Specially they glad to take vegetables and fruits.

She was saved from the tsunami
She was saved from the tsunami

Roseville and Rincon Valley churches of Christ in California donated big money to Haruna and we bought 500 Cal.Oranges.

This little girl was saved from the Tsunami by her mother. Their house was washed away but by her mother’s unbelievable power, she and her old brother were saved from the muddy waves. Since then husband is under her thumb. [The father is keeping close watch on his daughter.] Finally Rumiko could go there and did a little. She was so glad. [Rumiko, brother Obata’s wife, was unable to help with the Osaka-Kobe Earthquake relief because someone had to stay at the church building in Tokyo.] Shiro Obata