Ray Report: May 13 ’11


I just wanted to write to let you know we are still living. I have been very busy with all kinds of things. The earthquake and tsunami hit, then Uemori-san died. The church was giving the responsibility of the funeral. After that I have been going to the North to take things to Fukushima and Sendai. I bought a truck that will be used to take things up there. It will come to Tomobe today. I will start on Monday by taking things to Fukushima.

We will also prepare a dinner for a Hinanjo (Evacuation Site) in that area. Some of the ladies will prepare the food here and we will take it there for about 120 people. This is our first time to try this, but we will try. Before several of us went and helped some people there prepare the food. They are getting tired, so we decided to start it here and finish it there. It will also help more people here to help. I have spent between $5,000 and $6,000 on food and other things. I have been given more than $10,000 to use, so still have a little left. The truck will be paid by the group responsible for the money you sent. I hope it is well used.

Spring Camp Group
Spring Camp Group

We are fine. We just finished Spring Camp with about 40 attending. It was a good camp. I caught a cold and spent a lot of time in bed, but am fine now. I hope you were not affected by the floods, too much. It looks bad on TV. We are praying for you.

I just want to keep in touch in this busy time.

In Him,


Photos courteous of Takumi Fukunaga, Ochanomizu church member.