Japan Quake Rpt: Ingle May 18 ’11

Tohoku Kanto Earthquake Relief Committee

Committee Meeting
Committee Meeting

I wanted to share a little about the committee meeting. We discussed many things, but one of the major things that we did was decide roles for the committee members. So Obata-sensei and Joel will be the committee representatives. Junichi and Tad will act as recruiters/organizers of volunteers. All volunteers will express their desire to serve to them and they will help to organize where they will go based on when the volunteers are available and the kind of service they would like to do.

We have asked Junnosuke to help with keeping track of the financial things. I will continue to be responsible for managing the account in Mito (sending confirmation to donors, distributing cash to teams, etc.). Fukuyama-sensei will be helping with communication of what we are doing to the Japanese churches (mostly through the Fukuinshi). We also decided on people to be in charge of helping to organize the work in each prefecture that we are working in (Miyagi, Fukushima, Iwate), and some to be in charge of leading to equip and counsel the volunteers before and after their time of service.

The committee also decided to hire three young people to work part-time doing work related to the service we are doing in Ishinomaki — Hiroaki, Gaku and Emiko. They will, of course, have many roles, including helping to take care of paperwork for getting highway fees waived, volunteer insurance for Ibaraki volunteers, etc.