Japan Quake Rpt: Obata May 15 ’11

Here is a review of the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake Committee meeting which was in the May 15 bulletin of the Haruna church published by Shiro Obata.

Committee Meeting
Committee Meeting



Here is a report to this point of our work and accounting. On May 13 the committee met at the Mito church building and decided roles for various works. Overall leaders: Joel and Obata. Overall accounting: Ingle (disperse small amounts of funds) and Junosuke (report on funds used for each team).

Recruiting: Uzawa and Aikawa.  Counseling: Sekiguchi and Namae.  Reporting: Fukuyama, Akaboshi, and Osugi.  Joel will lead for Miyagi Prefecture; Ray, Iwate Prefecture.  We will prayfully consider support for works done by sister congregations so that efforts can be expanded.  We estimate the cost for a year at ¥12,000,000 (about $150,000).  From June Joel will lead a group into Sendai from Monday to Wednesday of each week.