Japan Quake Rpt: Tsuneki May 22 ’11

Our team of 18 people went to Hachinohe/Ishinomaki last Sunday (May 15). Ten of them are staying in Sendai/Ishinomaki to do a relief work until this Wednesday. It is a hard work with heavy stress. I sincerely pray that they receive love and strength from the Lord so that they are able to give that love to others.

Our teams will visit Ishinomaki every week from now on. They will leave Mito soon after the cell group “Well of Grace” (5-7pm) on Sundays. Then staying until Wednesday. We’re thinking this becomes the pattern of every week. We want to prioritize our worship together in Mito, being filled with enough spiritual power and love, then send out the mission relief team.

Mito church of Christ, Atsushi Tsuneki