Rogers Rpt: May ’11

Will you please pray with me?

Father in Heaven,

We want to glorify you. You give us all we need. You know what we need before we ask.

We pray that you will grow your church here in Kojima.  We pray that you will hold Tomomi close to your heart and that you will defeat Satan in all his attempts to destroy her faith.  We pray for those close to Tomomi, her family, friends and neighbors. We pray that she will grow deep and strong in faith.

We ask you to draw close to you those who are beginning to think about following Jesus: for Rumi, Noriko, and others. We pray for those realizing their need for recovery whether spiritual or otherwise.

Please send more workers into the harvest and renew your workers with all they need for ministry.

As LST draws near in Kojima, we ask your special blessings on the workers and the Readers.

As personnel changes in Kojima, we ask your special blessing on the Taylors and the Tiemans.

We pray for the victims and the relief workers as so many transitions take place in the tsunami-devastated areas.  We beg you for workers into the harvest.  We also ask your blessing on the people of Joplin, MO, and other places affected by disasters.

Help us to trust you and serve you.

In Jesus’ name, Amen


On May 8, 2011, we welcomed a new sister to the Kojima family of God! I CAN’T BELIEVE it has taken me two weeks since Tomomi’s baptism to write a newsletter.  Tomomi is in her 40’s, mother of three, married to a chiropractor. She is so NORMAL!!!! and so SWEET!!!  After we come home, Sandy and I go on and on about how much we love her. She is well-respected and a leader in her community.  Discipling her is going to make us grow deeper, too.  I hope you will commit to praying for her on a regular basis.


We were blessed by Ken’s visit.  Sandy’s brother came to Japan for seven weeks to volunteer up in the earthquake area and had amazing experiences.  He has written some great blog posts.

LET’S START TALKING  coming soon.

We really beg for your prayers for all that goes with LST.  The workers, the readers, the support staff, and for us as we coordinate and advise.  Tomomi’s first contact with the church here in Kojima was at an LST party she attended with her mother and her children.


Oh, the comings and goings.  If I had all the air miles earned by people in and out of Kojima these few months, I could travel around the world, at least.  We mentioned Ken, but we have also had innings and outings by the Taylors, and the Herringtons.  And soon and very soon we have LST and a new couple to replace the Taylors.  And we said goodbye to David Curry after 5 years with us here in the Kojima church.  He took a job in Ikeda city, Osaka area.


Still needs your prayers.  And we need about 100 of you to move up there and settle and shine your light.

Thank you for reading, and for your prayers.

Love, Brent and Sandy Rogers