Japan Quake Rpt: Batten Jun 1 ’11

[Editor: This report is from Jim Batten, Chancellor for Ibaraki Christian University in Omika, Ibaraki. It gives the school’s perspective of the relief effort.]

Jim Batten (blue shirt center) helping CRASH on Ibaraki Christian University campus.
Jim Batten (blue shirt, center) helping CRASH on Ibaraki Christian University campus.

I am sorry to have been so slow in sending out another update, but life has been rather hectic. The first month I think I was probably in a daze most of the time. Once we got our house back in order and the strength and number of aftershocks dropped a little, we started looking around and trying to help those less fortunate. On top of my regular work I have been deeply involved with CRASH (Christian Relief, Assistance, Support, & Hope) Japan. Ibaraki Christian has loaned one of its buildings to CRASH and has had a steady stream of volunteers staying in that building for a few days and delivering goods and working in the harder hit areas north of us.  Many of our faculty, staff, and students have helped in various ways. We continue to look for ways we can assist in rebuilding our community.

I want to thank those who have sent support to our projects of relief. We deeply appreciate your love. I have been watching the international news and know that many of you have been suffering from tornadoes, floods, and other disasters. Even so, you have remembered Japan. Thank you.

For those who have yet to send assistance but are interested in helping, the needs are still great. We have two relief programs set up. One is called the ‘Becoming a Neighbor‘ program. Funds from this program go to assisting victims of the triple tragedy through various support organizations, CRASH being one of them. The other program, and the one closest to my heart, is called the ‘Life Together‘ program. It is for helping students of IC (from kindergarden through graduate school) and their families who have lost their home, incurred damage to half of their home, or been displaced from their home because of the nuclear accident. There are also many whose parents have lost their jobs because of the destruction of factories and contamination from the nuclear plant. We are now giving assistance to around 50 families, so funds received will be depleted quickly. If you are planning to send, please do so quickly. We ask for your continued prayers, support, and assistance. Please do not send US$ checks because it takes a couple of months to clear and actually get the funds. Send by bank transfer to:

Account # : 1343902 / Account Name: Ibaraki Christian Education Community Triple Tragedy Relief Fund, Hitoshiro Kanayama / Joyo Bank, Branch # : 135 (Omika Branch) / Swift Code : JOYOJPJT / Bank Address: Joyo Bank, Omika; 2-26-4 Omika-cho; Hitachi-shi, Ibaraki-ken  319-1221; JAPAN

Both of the above programs are for helping people. We have not and will not use any of these funds for repairing our own facilities.

The school has received funds from some sources that were specifically earmarked for repair of our facilities, and we have gratefully accepted those gifts. We have completed repairs on a number of buildings, and hope to have all repairs completed before the beginning of the second semester at the end of August.

May God continue to bless and use you in His Kingdom.

In Him,

Jim D. Batten, Chancellor
Ibaraki Christian Education Community
6-11-1 Omika-cho
Hitachi, Ibaraki-ken 319-1295 JAPAN
E-mail:  jimdbatten@gmail.com or jdbatten@icc.ac.jp

総長  ジム D. バットン