Japan Quake Rpt: Ingle Jun 7 ’11

Relief team going to Ishinomaki, June 2, 2011
Relief team going to Ishinomaki, June 2, 2011

Joel, Gaku and Hiroaki are in Sendai/Ishinomaki working today (and yesterday [June 6-7]).  A team of 10 went up this past weekend to deliver supplies and work on Saturday. From this week we are planning to send small teams every week from Sunday night to Wednesday and also occasionally we will send teams on weekends. We are also planning to take a couple of teams (especially students from Ibaraki Christian University) up in August during the school holidays.

God is providing volunteers from several congregations to go up — especially from the Ochanomizu church.  There are volunteers from Ochanomizu signed up to go with the teams from Ibaraki almost every week this month.  It is so good to work together as a body nationally!