Japan Quake Rpt: Straker Blog Jun 7 ’11

Iwaki, Fukushima (red pin)

[Editor: Here is a blog entry from Jonathan Straker who is working with Global Samaritans Resources.  This is a report on some distribution in the Iwaki area of northern Fukushima Prefecture.  The map at right shows the location of Iwaki (red pin) in relation to Mito (middle pin) and Tokyo (bottom pin).]

Our team, along with long-term members from the Hitachi CRASH base (Ayami Kawasaki, Jun’ichi Uzawa and Mike McLain) headed to Iwaki to help support a distribution event. The network of ministers we worked with estimated between two and three hundred attendees. They lined up around the building and were ushered into the church/kindergarten courtyard for about 5 minutes to gather goods ranging from dry foods to bedding. There was also a hot food corner where folks could get tako-yaki (fried batter balls with octopus) or yaki-soba (fried noodles). And, of course, cotton candy for the kids.