Rogers Rpt: Jul ’11

Thank you all for your prayers and your support!

Biggest news:

LST Team
LST Team

LST hero Vicki is returning to Texas after 5 weeks of friend-making, bridge-building, seed planting, and laying down her days at the feet of Jesus.

SO, WHO IS COMING to take her place?

Good question. Do you know anybody? We still have an apartment for the replacement seed planter. Can you come for 4 weeks, 2 months? 3 months? Why not?

Let us know ASAP!

Summer transition:

The Taylors will go back to the States and begin the process of trying to come back to Japan. The Tiemans, now traveling in the States, will arrive very soon. So many things we need God to help with. So glad HE never gets distracted or frustrated or busy!

And, Sandy will take her sabbatical and go to the States for the entire month of August. Her mom is moving and Sandy will help with that. Zoiee (editor: granddaughter) is also making a list and checking it twice…cooking, water play, Chuck-e-Cheese, the butterfly house, etc, and Sandy will perhaps take 5 minutes to rest??

Yesterday, we had our biggest Sunday attendance in recent history.


Brent, Sandy, Leslie, Vicki


Tomomi: Baptized in May, inspirational, energetic, humble. Please pray that we will be faithful in teaching her and not overwhelming her.

Mi chan: Please pray that she will look for a church near her new home in Tokyo.

Hitomi: after a long absence, now has a job, but also an injury. Pray for her renewed interest in studying and learning.

Rumi: Young mother starting to talk about being baptized. Pray for her family and for her heart to be touched.

Kumi: Long-time veteran Kumi recently lost a friend and her 43 yr. old brother. Please pray for her heart o be softened.

Araki, Miyao: And two who seem to be more interested in the social or English aspect…Araki san and Miyao san, that they break from their corrupt religion and traditional thinking to see the truth of the GOOD NEWS!!!

Thank you for your prayers.

Brent & Sandy Rogers