Japan Quake Rpt: One Worker’s Reflections Jul 20 ’11

Editor: Here is one worker’s reflections on the work she did recently in Ishinomaki.  It is a rough translation.  If you see anything needing correction, please let me know.


Those brothers and sisters-in-Christ who continue to volunteer in the Tohoku area safely returned.  We are thankful.  This time a mother and son went together.  It was a very meaningful time for them.  The mother’s voice showed her joy.  In the city of Tokyo where there is no damage, daily life is taken for granted.  However, at present in the disaster area where people have lost everything, we cannot say that the daily living is easy.  Things from which we can learn joy, how to be useful, how to bring about our own growth are hidden from our view in a daily life which is taken for granted.