Rogers Rpt: Jul 31 ’11

Volunteer Position Open:

We are looking for a one-person follow-up team to work for 2 or 3 months teaching Bible lessons in easy English, planting seeds, making friends, and helping out in general. We would love to find three or four  such teams who could rotate in and out regularly.

We are now renting a small apartment. The worker needs to pay about 500 dollars in rent and utilities.  Talk to us about food costs.

Please reply to this email to apply  or ask questions.

Transition in Personnel

We are undergoing  major transition in personnel.  Nicholas and Ashley Tieman are now on-site and Ashley has begun to work where Leslie worked at Fukiage Hoikuen.  Sara and Leslie Taylor left Kojima today after one year, taking their two delightful children with them.  They are considering returning in a few months.  Please pray for both couples as they travel and settle in.


Sandy is traveling for one month, leaving tomorrow for the USA.  Stops in California to see her mom and brothers, etc.  Then she travel on to Nixa, MO to see Zoiee and family, and Searcy-LR to see Tim and Cloverdale church and Eddie and family.

If you see her, please give her a big hug and 100 dollars or so.

LST – Let’s Start Talking

Did we tell you we were really happy with the LST project this summer?  We have high hopes, but summer really slows things down.

Please pray for open hearts and for our wisdom.

Thank you for reading this, supporting us, and praying for us.

Brent and Sandy Rogers in Kojima.