Japan Quake Rpt: Obata Aug 20 ’11

Here is an update from Shiro Obata, minister for the Haruna church of Christ in Gunma Prefecture, concerning one thing this congregation and a local lady did.



Rough translation: A neighbor, Miss Keiko, knew about what the Haruna church of Christ is doing to help the earthquake disaster relief.  One way she thought to help is to present the gift of a car.  That was a K-car (keijidosha 軽自動車), a Suzuki Alto.  The church was financially able to turn the used, worn tires, needing maintenance car into a good one.  On August 18 with the help of a member of the Ochanomizu church, brother Adachi, we went to Ishinomaki, and presented it to a family as a gift.  They were very, very thankful.

Here is a further explanation from Shiro Obata as to what happened to the person who received the car.


Rough translation: In the midst of the tsunami warning, this person loaded valuables and picture albums in their car.  When this person was about to leave, they remembered something they had forgotten and went back to the second floor of the house.  At that moment the tsunami struck and the first floor was washed away along with the car and all that was in it.  The person narrowly escaped by being on the second floor of her house.

Presenting Car to Ishinomaki Family
Presenting Car to Ishinomaki Family