Japan Quake Rpt: Obata Sept 7 ’11

East Japan Disaster Relief Committee
Shiro Obata, committee chair person (seated left on couch)

[Editor: Here is a rough translation of a report on the Church of Christ East Japan Disaster Relief Committee meeting September 6, 2011.  Seven Japanese congregations are part of the committee though only five were represented at this meeting.  Shiro Obata, minister for the Haruna church and who coordinated relief efforts for the Kobe earthquake, is chair person for the committee.]



Help has come from the U.S., Canada, and every country in the world.  The Church of Christ East Japan Disaster Relief Committee met at the Mito church building after a long time.  In June this year I had cancer surgery and was unable to do anything for two months.  I sincerely apologize for this.  But we finally met again and I’m very thankful.

The order of business was to hear a report concerning the work done since April and then to wrap plans for future work in prayer.

At first our relief effort was to work toward just living; next came peace of mind and safety followed by relationship building.  With the building of temporary housing our support efforts will change.  For that reason those who help will need to resources on how they can help as our support changes.  Part of the plan is to have a special seminar on who to relate to those who have experienced this disaster.

Our goal is to help them recover to a more natural state with a spirit of hope as the advance.  We must pray to the Lord God for wisdom and strength to accomplish this.