Japan Quake Rpt: Osborne Aug ’11

Relief Continues: Deeper Relationships

The emotional toll, even on us, is very high.  Yet, we see God’s hand at work.

While I was away in Southeast Asia, Hiro and Emiko had their first chance to  lead groups of volunteers by themselves to Tohoku for disaster relief.  In the summer, Gaku had extra summer courses to teach so he was unable to help lead.  One of the things I was reminded (or perhaps really learned this time? ) was that experience is the usually the best way to learn.  Hiro and Emiko realized things I had previously tried to explain.  On a deeper level, it reminded me that as we encounter God and walk with Him, it is vitally important to EXPERIENCE that relationship with Him, not just learn about Him.

In August, we had three relief trips – two half-week trips and one trip that lasted 12 days.  In addition to the relief team, we had a total of twelve volunteers, seven of whom are from Mito church.  Our relationship with Be One continues to grow and strengthen, and I am encouraged by how God is working through us in our various roles and abilities. There is a woman whom God has especially put on our hearts – she is totally alone.  Recently, one of our members who is an architect and carpenter went to look at her home, and helped her to decide to tear down her house and move elsewhere because of the age of the house and her own age and ability to care for things.  She will spend a week in Mito with us from September 19R25.  Please pray for our time together with her.


East Japan Disaster Relief Efforts
East Japan Disaster Relief Efforts