Japan Quake Report: Obata Sept 25 ’11

[Editor: Here is a rough translation of this report from Shiro Obata, minister for the Haruna church of Christ.]

Toyota Noah given to Ishinomaki Family
Toyota Noah given to Ishinomaki Family



My son, who is studying at Fuller, loaned his car to the Helpers In Missions worker.  Because he has returned he now wants to present the care to a disaster victim in Ishinomaki.

It is a Toyota Noah with good tires and only driven 100,000 kilometers (about 62,200 miles).  It still has a year and a half of vehicle inspection.  The church provided funds for complete maintenance.  We will probably be able to deliver it.  We have decided on the person to give it to and he has been waiting expectantly for it.  If you have a car you would like to donate, please let me know.