Japan Quake Relief – Obata Report Dec 4 ’11

OkkiriKomi: "Delicious, Mom!"

[Editor – here is a report from Shiro Obata, minister for the Haruna church of Christ, concerning recent work he and his congregation have done.  This is via his weekly church bulletin.]


[Rough translation]  On December 2 we made preliminary preparations.  On December 3 Mr. and Mrs. S prepared a warm meal for 150 of those living in temporary housing of a special produce from their area, “Teuchi no Okkirikomi” [Editor: homemade wide udon noodles seasoned with miso, a traditional dish from Gunma Prefecture].  The equipment necessary to prepare the meal was donated by Mr. K and Mr. S.  The vegetables were given by Mr. S, Mr. K., and neighbors.  The flour and homemade miso were given by Mr. S.  Mr. O. loaned us the gas cookers, pots, and tent.  Dessert of 20 kilograms (44 pounds) of sweet persimmons was give by Mr. G.  One person suddenly could not go so brother A took his place.  It was raining but we were able to do it all in a large meeting place.  The T family was also able to help.  We are very thankful for the grace and service.  Brother Obata and those who helped.

みなさんから寄せられた男女の冬セーター、コート類 45点、遠野の「まごころネット」へ。高橋姉からの少年用自転車(5段変速)1台、中里見さんからの自家製梅干 50pc、五十嵐さんからの甘柿20kgは石巻の仮設住宅へお届けいたしました

[Rough translation]  Everyone brought various boys and girls coats, 45 in all, through the “Magokoro Network” (Heartfelt Network).  Sister T gave a five speed youth bicycle.  Mr. N gave some homemade umeboshi (pickled Japanese apricot/plum).  Mr. G gave 20 kilograms (44 pounds) of dried persimmons.  All of this went to those in temporary housing in Ishinomaki.