Japan Quake Report – Obata Jan 23 ’12

Ms. Odawara playing the violin in Ishinomaki
Ms. Odawara playing the violin in Ishinomaki

[Editor: This is a report and rough translation on the concert in Ishinomaki via brother Obata’s post on his Face Book page.]








Thank you everyone. The first Ishinomaki concert joyfully ended.

We found out the morning of the concert that the two posters we put up were torn off and few people knew of the concert. We hurriedly went from house to house to tell people.

There were only half as many people attending as we had prepared shiruko (sweet red bean soup) for, 60 in all. For good or bad, there was plenty to go around. The specialty story Okada Candy Store provided the anko (red beans) and it was delicious.

For the violin concert Ms. Odawara played the violin and viola with great emotion. Everyone listened intently.

The winter clothes which so many had provided were a big hit. But we ran out of men’s clothing. We will make a request for this next time.

Those living in temporary evacuation housing wanted calendars, but they did not have any place to hang them. That was too bad. The temporary housing for evacuees from the seashore that we went to the day before joyfully received the calendars. But there are few helpers.

It takes time and people to help. Next time we will ask for more help for those areas where there are few workers and want to visit them.