Rogers Rpt: Feb ’12


LAST SUNDAY NIGHT was a kind of closing exclamation point on our February series on Marriage and Family developed and coordinated by Clare Fabrizio and Ashley Tieman, both relative newcomers to Kojima Ekimae Church. I think we made progress in building relationships and breaking down barriers to letting the Word into their daily lives. Last night we had most of the regulars and some first-timers. Regulars Nao and two kids, and Masako and one were there and spoke up a lot. Our Sister Tomomi came and brought two children to dinner. Hitomi’s special needs son who lives in a Christian facility of some kind, came for the first time. Hitomi can not usually come because of work schedules. I am especially delighted that Keiko Yokoyama came for the first time to an actual church thing, plus two kids. She has come to parties, Parenting Group, and even comes to a private Bible class with Brent on most Fridays. And almost finally, late as usual, came Mrs. Miyao, and, for the first time ever, her younger daughter, Sumie. Finally, what has become our usual contingent of foreign workers, Couples Rogers, Fabrizio, and Tieman, and our recent addition, from the Phillipines, Marnie Cardenal, who teaches English for the local school board. 22 total! After the lesson on Family, we went to dinner at Naish Curry, the lcoal American Surf Curry and Pasta restaurant.

NEXT MONTH: Clare will be responsible for a series on the Life of Christ. We want our regulars to continue, even as the topic becomes more ‘churchy’. We want more ladies to come, and we really want some men to come! Please pray with us!

NOT SEEN IN A WHILE: Rumi, soon after asking me to help her become a Christian, developed severe low-energy syndrome and I have not seen her this year! Kyoko has not been seen since one of the earliest caroling practice sessions back in the fall.

BABIES: Of course, we would like to announce a bunch of new baby Christians, but we can not. But there are pregnancies everywhere and a new baby or two. We have to start with our own new granddaughter to be arriving in June. Kojima Mission team couple Tiemans are expecting in September. Sachiko just had a baby a few weeks ago. She usually comes to Monday moms Bible class. Also, I have cousins popping out babies across the nation. Please pray for healthy moms and babies and for all to be drawn to God.

CONTRIBUTIONS: If you have not sent a check lately to Cloverdale for our mission efforts, we hope you will soon. We will need a big infusion for the summer LST efforts. Sandy is no longer working at the elementary school, so our income took a hit since last spring, AND we are still being charged at the higher rate for health insurance, etc… And LOGOS is poor. ….

Speaking of poor, LOGOS NEEDS STUDENTS!!!! For various reasons, recruitment has been WEAK so far this spring season. There is still a lot of uncertainty in how the government is going to get reconstruction money, so taxes are going up, electricity is going up, and subsidies and salaries may be going down. AND we had a pretty heavy year of quitting due to graduation, etc….Speaking of graduation, would you please pray for this year’s high school seniors in general, and my possibly best ever group of seniors girls: Nami, Minami, Miru, Kana, Moe, Hitomi, Haruna. Can you imagine being a college freshman in 2012? They are so not ready!

FRIENDS NEEDING JOBS OR OTHER HELP: Two of our favorite people are applying for jobs, and we REALLY want them to stay in the local area and continue helping with our work. Please pray for Clare and Dylan Fabrizio.

HEALTH: Brent got a good report from the heart valve, synthetic aorta wrap job, and pacemaker inspection yesterday. And the back is much better after great care from Tomomi’s chiropractor husband. So thankful!

Thank you for praying! Please keep us in your prayers!

Brent and Sandy in Kojima, Kurashiki, Japan