Earthquake Relief Report – Obata Jun 26 ’12

Yakisoba Party
Yakisoba Party




[Editor: Rough translation of the Facebook entry by Shiro Obata and Team Haruna.] Today was the yakisoba party (fried noodles with meat and vegetables). We brought the ingredients and then set up four tables. Our plan was to have each table cooked their own yakisoba while visiting with each other. One of the gourmet dishes in Ishonomaki is called “Ishinomaki Yakisoba” and is one type of yakisoba. The way you make it is a bit different.

One by one everyone came. We had prepared for 80 people, but we did not have enough prepared. We hurriedly went to the Super Store and bought enough for 30 more people. We had enough. This time with the helpers we had 10 people who helped me. I was very thankful. Each month the groups are becoming closer.

We did not waste the leftovers which were taken home. Because of circumstances, perhaps we will not meet again until the fall.