Ray Report – Aug 12 ’12

August 12, 2012


I got back from America in July and have been running ever since. My heart has been keeping me from going too fast, but I haven’t stopped.

I just got my computer back and running. I started facebook, but haven’t done much since I joined it. The truth is, I don’t know how. I will get it going later. I spent 4 hours talking with Apple in Australia trying to get my computer running. Fortunately, it was their dime. I also spent an hour with the Japanese Apple service. It was the second time with them that they finally figured out the problem.

I want to say a great big thanks to all of you who took care of me while in the States. I had some friends with me for part of the time and they have nothing but praise for the Americans they met and the churches they visited.

Yumiko and Takako spent 10 days traveling and visiting my family in Arlington, Normangee and Houston. They were well received. They had both been in the States before. Yumiko and her husband visited my son in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. Later, Toru and his family came to enroll him in Oklahoma Christian. It was the first time for his family to be in America, and the longest time, 10 days, that they have been away from work. Shigeyuki (Toru’s father) and I went to a Ranger’s baseball game and he was all smiles. We didn’t get to see Darvish pitch, but the Rangers won and he was happy. They visited the Memorial Drive church in Oklahoma. It was their first time to attend a church of more than 20 members. Memorial Drive had over 1000, even with the students on vacation. Shigeyuki is a new Christian who had never been to a morning worship service. His work keeps him from that. They usually come to an evening worship of 4 to 10 members. Their eyes were opened to the possibilities!

I visited several churches in Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, and California. I got a good reception, but so far, not any money. We need to raise at least $1000 a month, so the Tomobe church can give the money they give to us to a Japanese preacher. The Yen rate keeps going down and expenses keep rising. I am hoping that some of the churches will think about helping us. Keep this in your prayers. We need a Japanese preacher here at Tomobe.

I am going back up to Fukushima near the nuclear power plant to see what we can do about water there. We are working with a small company that is supplying drinking water to several schools in that area. The government claims that the water supply is safe, but many fear that it is not, especially for little children. We want to expand this service as much as we can. We are thankful to the Christian Relief Fund for sending funds for this.

Last weekend, we went to a Retreat of the churches in Ibaraki. This year, there were about 100 attending. We had some good lessons presented by Ataka-san, Tsuneki-san and Iwama-san. Two of these are preachers in the Ibaraki and the other one, Iwama-san was picked to be the leader of the board of the Japanese School of Evangelism. We have one member from Tomobe attending that school. Yasuki Nishimura is on a 3 year program and hopes to become a preacher. Keep him in your prayers.

I do thank those of you who keep supporting us here in Japan. I know you are having a hard time in the US, too. I keep praying that things will get better and more missionaries will be sent. We need so many more here in Japan and I hear of other places in the world that are also in need of missionaries. The wars going on are draining us of the money we need for preachers and missionaries. Keep praying.

Serving Him in Japan,

Marlin and Jean Ray