Rogers Rpt: Apr ’13

Dear Folks,

First, I want to offer everyone a chance to opt out of receiving this newsletter. If you have forgotten who we are, or no longer have an interest in Japan or this work, or if you are getting more copies than you need, there is no link to click on, or anything cool like that. Just reply and type drop at the beginning of the subject line. No harm, no foul, no hard feelings. And no guarantee I will do it promptly.

Now, GETTING KRAZY IN KOJIMA…. It is April, and in Japan, March and April are finals, graduation, opening ceremony, transfer, moving, retiring, etc season. In our circle, we said goodbye to Nao and her family. Nao is a charming mother of two and will be missed. Her husband was transferred up to Chiba where Narita airport and the Taylors are. She already has her son in a Christian preschool and we pray for someone to lead her to Jesus.

We also said goodbye to Clare and Dylan Fabrizio after almost two years of sweet fellowship. They will be moving to Texas and spreading happy there. The last couple of weeks here, they introduced us to a girl from Thailand who is very interested in church, so that is exciting. Please pray for the Fabrizios in their re-settling and for this new friend here.

LST arrives here in less than two months. We pray for new and open hearts to receive the seeds of the Word and for all God’s provision for the team and for us as hosts. LST advertising is our single largest expense item in the year, if you would like to help with that.

We are encouraged to note that recently we have met several people outside of the LST or English arena, more naturally.

A welcome part of the KRAZINESS is the return of our beloved Beth Johnson. She plans to spend the next several months in dedicated language study nearby in Okayama City. She has already located an apartment. Beth taught at LOGOS for a year a while back and has a stellar rep as teacher and evangelist here. She has two years in Kobe under her belt, too. Please pray for her.

Jobs: Kind of a quandary here as the job that may be opening may not be a good one to have. We do know of an opening at an English immersion kindergarten, but all we can do is pass on resumes if you are interested. We do not have any pull with the owner. Still, if you want to try, let us know.


It looks like we are going to have a pretty good recruiting year this year. But, until we get part-time help found and trained, Sandy will have about 5 new classes. By July, I will probably have three new. It is hard to believe how busy kids are these days, and how many things we have to work around.

North Korea KRAZINESS: Just have to say how cool and smart I think that Kim Jong Un is. Hope he and the missiles have a long and happy.

December KRAZINESS. We have squoze all our year’s classes into 11 months, so we can have a month off in December. We will probably do something like Cloverdale, Rachel, California, WalMart kind of tour. and hope we will bump into you! Details may follow!

God bless you.

Brent and Sandy Rogers

Address for contributions:

Rogers Japan Fund

Cloverdale Church of Christ

3000 E. Park Ave.

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