Ray Rpt – July 20 ’13

Hitachi Christian Camp

I have just got back to Tomobe to prepare a sermon for tomorrow (July 21). I spent a week at camp trying to get things ready for camp on Monday. There are no computers at camp and no telephone service for my cell phone. We are almost finished with the kitchen and able to use it. I am hoping to get it ready by 2 PM on Monday. With the help of a lot of people it is nearing completion. A carpenter friend, Kanazawa Yoshiyuki sent two of his carpenters for three days just to help us. They worked very hard. I am so thankful for them and Kanazawa-san. A lot of other people came to cut grass, clean the cabins and give the carpenters a hand. It was very tiring, but also a lot of fun. Must get back on the sermon.

Here are pictures of the spring and summer camps to prepare the new kitchen.

Marlin Ray