Japan Quake Rpt: Obata Dec ’13


The energy of the Haruna Wild Flower Society is amazing. I came to know the president and his wife. This is the third time they have visited Ishinomaki which is not the point of their society. But he said this is important and they to continue. Those who participated paid partially for the expensive chartered bus and the society provided the remainder. The cost of materials and the gives came from the fields of the members. I was invited to a review meeting and many asked for me to become a part of their group.

About 80 came and enjoyed the special time. The society prepared special gifts for them including big pears, apples, persimmons, kiwi fruits, yuzu (a kind of lemon), and some pickled Japanese apricot. They all were very pleased to take heavy sacks of gifts back home.

Haruna Wild Flower Society members visited Ishinomaki bringing with them a kind of hot wheat noodles (tsumikko, a local food from Haruna), and music. The society became aware of the Haruna church of Christ’s relief service in 2011. From that time they have offered to help. This was their third time. While in the bus I was given the opportunity to tell about the love of God.