Japan Quake Rpt: Obata Dec 6 ’13

Tea time together in Ishinomaki.


予報に反し、温かい天気で助かりました。終わってから皆さんがお茶に呼んで下さり、またまた、楽しい時間でした。また、来年! 約束しました。


On December 6 as has been our custom, seven members gathered to make our Ishinomaki Christmas visit. Again this year we prepared pine cone trees, candy, and handmade tissue paper holders from scrap cloth. We also included cards with verses from the Bible with the gifts. Because of everyone’s schedule we went and returned in one day. Two ladies did the driving which was a big help.

The weather report was for a warm day which helped. We knocked on 170 homes greeting the residents and passing out 170 gift bags we had prepared. There are a total of fifteen members of the Haruna church and their average age is fifty-three.

After delivering the gifts we had a time for tea together. It was a very delightful time. Everyone said, “Let’s do it again next year” and promised to do so.

As we think about this, we realize that this is truly a gift to God by the help of many in and out of the church.

Church members and friends preparing gifts for Ishinomaki visit.
170 gifts prepared for Ishinomaki visit.
Pine cone trees to be given as gifts.
Church members and friends carefully packing gifts to take to Ishinomaki.