Japan Quake Rpt: Obata Dec 26 ’13


580328_10202750447952608_1169954345_nKimie-san from our church gathered some scallions and daikon radish and asked if we could carry those to the northeast. On December 26 we went to Shichigahama and Higashi Matsuyama. In preparation for the New Year, these are good gifts. Last year this couple gave the same gifts. The daikon radish was the Ofukuro daikon radish. They were 28 inches long and the diameter of the fattest part was 8 inches. Boiled they make for great eating. It was a day trip covering only 500 miles giving us a great time to talk. We were relieved that one person who had been hospitalized was discharged and able to go. We all promised to meet again after the New Year.