Japan Quake Rpt: Obata Aug 22 ’14


Kakikori18月2回目の東北支援は、今、ハンブルグで活躍しているNさんのオーボエの演奏会という豪華版。午後1時に、開演でしたが、その前にすでに多くの人が待っていて、驚きました。実はOBOEは、殆どの人が知らない楽器ですから、人が集まらないのではと思っていたのです。なつき姉妹{御茶ノ水教会員)は素晴らしOBOE 演奏家になりました。1時開演というのに、早くから会場はいっぱい。Nさんは澄んだお声で、わかりやすく楽器の説明をされ、


予報が外れて、気温が上がり、かき氷にはもってこいの日。みなさん、お代わりをして、わいわい、がやがや。用意した氷は20kg、終わってから私たちもイチゴ、メロン、レモン、ハワイアンブルーの味を楽しんだ。やっぱり夏はかき氷! 私たちの目的はコミュニティつくりのお手伝い。


 Oboe Concert and Shaved Ice Visit

This was our second visit to the Tohoku area in August to support the area. Natsuki-san, who is currently in Hamburg, gave a wonderful Oboe Concert. The concert began at 1 and we worried that very few would come. We were surprised that the place filled up. We thought that the oboe is not a well known instrument that few would come. Natsuki-san, who is a member of the Ochanomizu church of Christ in Tokyo, is a very accomplished musician and had a very good performance. Even though the concert began at one, the place filled up fast. Natsuki-san, with a very clear voice, gave an easily understood explanation for each piece she played.

She played Amazing Grace, Traumerei, Kono-michi, Furusato, On Wings of a Song, Adagio by J.S.Bach, and a piece from Swan Lake. It was a very comforting summer remembrance for all present. Natsuki-san was encouraged to join with the group to sing several songs.

In spite of the forecast, the temps rose that day and we brought shaved ice. Everyone had seconds and sat talking and enjoying being together. We brought 45 pounds of ice. Strawberry, melon, lemon, Hawaiian blue were the flavors and we enjoyed some at the end of our time together. After all, it’s summer and shave ice is good. Our goal is to try to build community.

On our return through Fukushima and Tochigi Prefectures, we encountered a severe thunderstorm. This was the first time I had seen horizontal lightning. If I did not have to hold on to the steering wheel, I would have taken some pictures.

Haruna Church of Christ Relief Team