Nonogaki Rpt – Feb 28 ’15

Teaching Romans, The Second Class

In January I taught Romans 1-4.  On 21 February I taught Romans 5-9.  28 people attended this class.  I am glad that I taught it well so that they understood the message of Romans.  In March I will finish this three month course for Romans.

Recording JSE Classes on DVD

I plan to record JSE classes on DVD.  This recording is not done while I am teaching a class.  I have no audience or students while I am speaking.  This is done specifically for those people who take classes in the future.  Once I have done this, I do not have to be regularly present in a class room to teach them although I may need to meet the students a couple of times.  Besides I will be able to concentrate my energy and time and efforts on other things.  At the present I have been preparing for recording the class “Church that Christ builds.”

My lesson plans are
1. Introduction, Relationship between the OT and the NT
2. God’s plan by Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God and His Church
3. God’s Plan of Salavation
4. God the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ
5. The New Covenant and the Holy Spirit
6. The Lord’s Covenant: Baptism and Supper
7. The Assembly and Worship
8. Christians’ Spiritual Growth
9. Unity in the Church
10. The Organization of the Church
11. Evangelism and God’s Plan for the Church