Nonogaki Rpt – Feb 9 ’15

Kiyoshi and his family went to Lutheran churches for a long time.  He was just sprinkled.  I explained him about the biblical baptism.  He has respected his mother and her faith so deeply that he cannot deny her by being baptised.  This is very tough.  He is too stubborn to be baptised.  I just pray for him.

We have a guest speaker bi-monthly from other churches of Christ.  This helps me have a break.  I enjoy this program not only for the break but I can listen to what others have to say.  What guest speakers speak often endorses what I have been speaking from the pulpit.  The church members also enjoy a different mode and tone of preachings. This has given us double blessings.   Also we have another bi-monthly activity.  That is to have two of the members to tell us in the worship service how they become a Christian.  This is not a public preaching; they do not stand up in the pulpit.  Each person male or female tells us what made him or her think about God and Christ.  This helps all other members get to know one another and life-backgrounds.  Let me make it clear.  Only a man does the preaching and teaching in our church.  In this worship service, we have songs and bible readings and prayers as we are supposed to do.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about our two classes.  They have been going well so far.  “The Foundation of Christian Faith” is a class that will help a new Christian build his or her solid faith in Christ.  This class is doctrine oriented and is like a pre-made meal that we eat.   It has been cooked and be ready to go.  The student needs to eat it and digest it.

In the second class, the student learns how to cook for himself.  He has all the ingredients before him and needs to cook a dish.  For example, he learns how to read the Bible for himself and applies to himself.  Also in this class he learns how to pray.  This is something I has not been taught after I became a Christian.  I believe that new Christians need to learn what to pray and how to pray.  In addition, he learns to make a solid relationship with fellow Christians.  It helps him to have a mentoring relationship in the church.
I hope every member of the church will finish these two classes, so  I have an attendance card for each member.  When a member misses one section of the class, I will have a make up time with him as much as possible.