Nonogaki Rpt – Jan 16 ’15

Two Foundational Classes

On Sunday I teach “the foundation of Christian faith.”  This is a very important class for a new Christian or anybody who wants to learn the basic of Christianity.  The topics are from God to mankind, sin, Jesus, baptism, the Lord’s Supper, prayer to church.

Also I teach another class, “To become a disciple of Christ.”  Because people have different schedules, I have to meet them at a different time schedule.  This class has a different emphasis.  First of all in this class I encourage them to read the Bible and pray regularly.  I teach them how to read the Bible.  There is a variety of literature in the Bible.  I teach them how to read each of literature types.  Also it covers prayer life and spiritual life.  I hope after this class for six months they will grow spiritually.
I hope each member will finish these two classes.  Therefore, I keep the record of attendance for them.  Sometimes some of them cannot attend the classes.  If so, I study with them the particular subjects that they have missed.