Nonogaki Rpt – May 12 ’15

May God Lead People to the Truth

We’ve got 45000 brochures printed.  Next week I will go to News Paper shops and let the brochures delivered with the news paper.  I pray God will cultivate the mind of people who read them.  May God give us wisdom so that we know what to say to them when they come to the church.

Four Things My Students Think

I have a one on one bible study with different individuals.  They have a completely meeting because of different schedules.  There are some merits in the one on one study.  That is, a person can express his/her feelings and thoughts more openly without being embarrassed.   After six months or more of the Bible study with them, occasionally I challenge them to think about the following things:

  1. When you believe in someone, you test their character.  In the same way, you test Jesus’ character.
  2. Think about Jesus’ teachings.  Are his teachings consistent?  Are there any contradictions in them?
  3. Does he teach you the truth, true principles of life?  Do you agree with Jesus?
  4. The final thought is: what stops you from believing in Jesus?
These are quite challenging questions, but they have to answer them themselves if they decide to follow Jesus Christ as their Lord.