Isaiah 31-34

Judgment against Assyria and Edom.
Assyria is the current ruling power.  The nation decimates other nations.  The Assyrians destroy cultures.  They do this by moving cultures from one nation to another.  When they defeated a nation, they would take the remaining leaders and prominent families and move them to another nation.  Then they would move into a defeated nation the leaders and prominent families of another defeated nation.  This would result in leaders being untrusted and relegated to a lesser role and those who had lost leaders not knowing how to govern.  Confusion reigned.  Intermarriage eventually took place.  Culture was lost.  God promises that Assyria will not last.  Try as they might to retain power through chaos and confusion, Assyria falls.  God used the Assyrian power against them.  Assyria eventually falls because there is chaos and confusion within the nation.  The Assyrian domination and expansion lasted for about 300 years.  God saw it all and in his time brought the Assyrian nation to an end.  Almost overnight the Assyrian nation ended.  The strong army was weary.  The nation lost its sense of direction as leaders lost control.  Civil war ignited.  Assyria falls.  A little over 100 years prior, God had said that Assyria would know destruction and betrayal (Isaiah 33) and it is through civil war and betrayal that Assyria falls.  God knows, sees, plans, and acts.  Trust Him.