Isaiah 59-63

Confession and Redemption
Isaiah continues to speak of God’s desire to bring his people back to Jerusalem and to revive the city.  He speaks of wealth, glory, and abundance.  One of the images that Isaiah uses to describe the relationship between God and Jerusalem is marriage (62:5).  God is the groom and Jerusalem the wife.  The image is of the wedding day and the groom is pleased and excited to be married.  He looks at his bride through the eyes of love and with a freshness that accentuates a new beginning.  This image captures the heart of God when one returns to him.  It is a new beginning.  Sin separates us from God, but with our repentance we begin again. God does not look at us as tainted, but as a new young bride.  Whenever we repent of sin, God wants to be with us.  This gives us the opportunity to start afresh.  May our hearts trust God and return to him.