Prophecy against Assyria
Little is known about Nahum.  He is a prophet announcing God’s intent to destroy Assyria.  It is believed that Nahum prophesied sometime after 663 B.C. (Thebes destruction mentioned in 3:8 occurred that year).  Assyria fell around 612 B.C. Assyria was the world power of its day.  God announced his intention to destroy Assyria and the destruction happened.  Recall that Jonah had warned Ninevah that unless there was repentance, the city would fall.  Repentance came and Ninevah and Assyria continued as a major ruling power for 200 years.  Look again at 1:3.  Nahum announces that God is patient but will punish.  What was true for Assyria is true even now.  We may want God to act more quickly to deal with injustice and sin.  But God is patient.  This is his nature.  The patience of God demonstrates his willingness for people to repent.  Just as he has been patient with us, we want him to be patient with others.  We want others to repent as well.  So we learn to wait knowing that God in his patience is giving time for change.  Thank him for his patience and let’s pray for an increase in our own.