2 Kings 22-23 and 2 Chronicles 34-35

Josiah was about 16 when he began his reforms.  It took years to undo all the idol worship and practices.  Josiah was deeply motivated to honor God.  But immediately after his death, Jerusalem returned to old practices.  Josiah was motivated but the people were not.  The desire to follow God can give way very quickly.  Promises of faithfulness made during an emotionally charged situation can be quickly forgotten when the day to day routine comes.  Josiah led the people well.  The people followed but their hearts were not fully changed.  Faithfulness requires a daily resolve.  Faithfulness requires consistency especially when difficult circumstances arise.  Faithfulness doesn’t depend upon leaders but on our relationship with God.  A heart set on God seeks Him and His will every day.  Let our faith be seen every day.