Jeremiah 4-6

The desire to repent.

Jeremiah states in 4:1-2 that it is possible for Jerusalem to repent if they choose.  They choose instead to continue life as they know it.  God’s promise is that when they see destruction coming it will be too late.  We, like the ancient people, can be slow to repent.  We can hear the warnings, see the signs, and perceive that things are not going well and refuse to change.  Often we may feel all the limited options we have are unsatisfactory.  We look for reasons to change and find all the reasons requiring too much work or alterations in life that we continue to live the life that we know. Repentance is rarely easy but it is necessary at times.  To say “I was wrong” may not be easy but it may preserve an earthly relationship or allow us to remain connected in a spiritual one. God desires a pliable heart.