Jeremiah 10-13


Jeremiah wept for Jerusalem.  He pleaded with them to repent.  But all the warnings were ignored. Now Jeremiah withdraws.  He has not given up but he understands that he cannot force people to change.  He also learns that his life is in danger because of God’s message.  Jeremiah continues to speak but he knows that God is going to punish Jerusalem and the people think Jeremiah to be a liar.  So Jeremiah turns his attention to God.  While he continues to preach God’s message, he also pleads for God to be merciful toward Jerusalem.  He pleads for God to not allow the depth of his anger to come against Jerusalem.  We pray this way for people.  We see that some choose to follow a path of spiritual destruction.  We pray for God to hold back his anger.  We speak words of truth and compassion, but we also pray that God will give time for change.  We pray that if God must punish that he will do so with mercy.  Let’s pray for others the way Jeremiah did.