Jeremiah 30-31

A new covenant.
Jeremiah has a dream.  It is an extended dream filled with images and words of restoration.  It is a pleasant dream.  It is a dream that reveals God’s intent to bring people back from exile and to see Jerusalem returned to its former beauty.  But the dream also includes a new covenant.  It is an internal covenant.  Moses’ covenant was intended to be internalized but over time people externalized the law.  People kept the commands but their hearts were selfish.  There was no connection between the keeping of the commands and their hearts.  But Jeremiah’s dream reveals a new covenant that is written on the hearts of people rather than on stone tablets.  The heart will be changed.  This new covenant is found in Jesus.  He is the embodiment of all things holy and godly.  We come to the Father through him.  He took our sin and became the final Lamb slain for us.  We now trust Jesus rather than try to prove our spiritual worth through actions.  We act in godly and holy ways not to impress God but because we love Jesus.  Jeremiah’s dream is fulfilled.