Habakkuk has two questions for God.  Why don’t you do something to deal with the evil in the world and particularly Jerusalem?  God answers that question with a promise to punish Jerusalem using the Babylonians to carry out his will.  The second question is based on the answer to the first.  Why would you use something more evil to punish something less evil?  God’s answers that the Babylonians will in time suffer as well.  God listens to Habakkuk but His answers leave Habakkuk wanting to understand more.  Chapter 3 of Habakkuk’s writing is a response to praise.  Since he doesn’t understand completely God’s way of thinking, Habakkuk ends his writing with praise and a promise.  No matter what may happen, I am going to trust God. Those who trust God will live by faith.  There are many days that we live by faith.  There are days (most of them?) that we do not understand what God is doing in this world or how he is working out his plan.  So we live faithfully in this world.  We trust God to carry out his will and we praise Him no matter what.