Jeremiah 49-50

Nations fall.
God’s plan includes a reunited Israel.  After Solomon’s reign, the nation of Israel divided into two kingdoms.  With Jerusalem’s fall, no longer are there two kingdoms.  After 70 years of exile, those who return from Babylon will occupy Jerusalem and then spread out once again to the surrounding land.  There will be one nation as God prepares to send his son into the world.  God uses the image of lost sheep to describe Israel in 50:6.  Jesus will use that same image in his ministry.  In John 10, he will call himself the Good Shepherd.  God’s desire for Israel was to bring them together under one Shepherd.  As Christians, we find our comfort and direction from the same Shepherd.  God’s intent has been completed through Christ.  All who follow Jesus are part of a new nation with one Shepherd leading us.  Let’s be thankful.