Lamentations 1:1 – 3:36

Hope in sadness.
Images of Jerusalem’s destruction abound.  Some of those images are terrible and horrific.  There is no beauty.  The dead lie in the street.  Parents who are dying from hunger eat their children.  Wealth means nothing.  Destruction is complete and equal among all.  Yet, Jeremiah speaks of hope.  Hope that comes from the reality that God still loves.  He does not enjoy pain and suffering.  He does not abandoned his people.  His love is faithful and his mercies are new every morning.  He sees the injustice and hears the cry of his people.  He will respond.  Though he brings grief, he also shows compassion.  These words have inspired and encouraged throughout the centuries.  Songs have been written to include these words and thoughts.  What was true about God then is true now.  Do not allow the bad news of our day to rob us of the truth that God is faithful in his love.  He is our hope.  His mercies like the morning sunrise are new every day.  Let’s allow our hope to inspire and encourage.  While we may lament the events of the day we also revel in the consistency of God’s love and compassion.