Ezekiel 1-4

Ezekiel’s call.
God gives Ezekiel visions of His majesty.  God commands Ezekiel to speak the words of destruction to the people.  Babylon is getting closer to destroying Jerusalem and God is preparing those already in exile for what will happen to their beloved city.  Ezekiel is also instructed to physically demonstrate the plight of those in Jerusalem.  For over a year, Ezekiel rations his bread and water to reveal the scarcity of food and water in Jerusalem.  All the while, those already in exile are having a difficult time accepting Ezekiel’s words.  But their reluctance does not change Ezekiel’s persistence.  While we are not prophets, every day we have the privilege of being a living demonstration of our faith.  Through our faithfulness, people can know that God is real.  Many will reject our words and lives, but, like Ezekiel, we are persistent.  We live so that Father may be seen through us.