Ezekiel 9-12

A changed heart.
Ezekiel’s visions continue to reveal Jerusalem’s destruction.  This is a painful time for Ezekiel.  He knows that death will come for so many and that Jerusalem’s glory will be destroyed.  But God gives a promise as well.  The day will come for restoration.  During that restoration, people’s hearts will change.  Stubborn hearts will give way to responsive hearts.  God had seen the injustice and sinful direction of Jerusalem for some time.  He had warned about punishment.  The people did not believe.  Stubbornly they held on to idol worship and mistreatment of others.  They stubbornly pursued a selfish life.  God looks for hearts that are responsive and pliable.  He looks for hearts that are open to him.  He looks for hearts that are willing to repent.  When our hearts are responsive and open, we hear God’s word and are ready to submit to His will.  God’s desire becomes our desire.  May we have responsive hearts.