Ezekiel 18-19

Responsibility for sin.
The one who sins is the one who will die.  Every person is held responsible for the consequence of sin.   But there is a difference between God holding a person responsible for their sin and God delighting in the sinner being punished.  18:23 reminds us that God’s desire is to see that all people live.  God has no pleasure in punishing the sinner.  Like God, we, too, want to see every person live.  The consequence of sin is real.  Sin divides and separates from God.  We have experienced life because of our relationship with and through Jesus.  We want others to experience life as well.  God wants every person you know to live.  We receive no pleasure from the consequence of sin in our lives nor in the lives of others.  How thankful we are that there is life with God.  How thankful we are when others have life in God as well.