Ezekiel 20-21

God’s judgment.
Far from Jerusalem, the leaders of Israel seek answers.  They want to know what God’s plan is.  They seek to know how they can restore the glory of Jerusalem.  It is too little too late.  God had been warning them for almost a 1000 years but his warnings had fallen on deaf ears.  There had been brief times of real connection, but those brief times were far outweighed by the years of following idols and selfish ways.  God’s message was simply that his patience was exhausted and that punishment was going to be carried out.  What God wanted then and what he wants now is for his people to recognize that He is the only God.  God isn’t deficient about worship.  His throne room is filled with worship.  Nor is God deficient in terms of relationship.  He has the fullness of relationship with himself.  What he does want is for his creation to reflect his glory.  Unfaithful hearts reveal little about God.  May we give God a loyal heart.  May our lives reflect his glory.  May his thoughts be our thoughts and his ways our ways.