Ezekiel 22-23

Seeking other lovers.
God through Ezekiel describes Samaria and Jerusalem’s pursuit of other nations.  He uses the imagery of prostitution to capture the intent of these nations.  Instead of desiring only God, both pursued relationships with other nations.  Samaria and Jerusalem believed that the other nations could provide something for them — protection, safety, and security.  God was insufficient.  Samaria and Jerusalem did not trust God.  They believed that God could not supply all that was needed.  Trusting God is a challenge.  The challenges that come test us and our faith.  We want quick resolutions.  Waiting on God to act or trusting God when he doesn’t act is rarely easy.  So we seek additional help.  To calm our frayed nerves or to bolster our sense of security we look for other means to support us.  We may continue to pray and attend an assembly, but the message is clear — God is insufficient.  We need something more.  To live by faith demands much.  We trust God alone.  Only God can provide what we need in this world.