Ezekiel 28-31

Destruction of Tyre, Sidon, and Egypt.
The repetition of God’s message through Ezekiel is interesting.  At various times, the same message with different words and images explode from Ezekiel’s lips.  Egypt will fall.  The repetition is needed because the people do not believe.  In Ezekiel 2, God warned the prophet that the people would not listen because of their rebellion.  So the messages are repeated at different intervals.  When the destruction eventually comes, then they know that Ezekiel speaks for God.  God’s message is often repeated.  Often we are told to have faith; to not be afraid; to know that our salvation is real; to look for the return of Jesus.  The repetition is there to bring assurance but it is also there because we may be slow to believe.  God is still at work. Let’s not allow the events of the day or the distressing news turn our attention away from God’s assurances.