Ezekiel 38-39


There is great debate about this text.  Who is Gog?  Is this prophesy something about the future or something that has already happened?  How did ancient Israel understand this text?  Lots of questions.  Debates continue.  Look again at 39:25.  God jealously guards his holy reputation. God’s jealousy is a holy trait.  Humans get jealous in order to protect self.  Godly jealousy is about protecting the other.  To be jealous for a spouse means that one wants to protect the spouse.  This type of jealousy allows freedom but wants no harm to come to that special person.  Jealousy of a spouse means control is paramount.  One tries to inhibit who the spouse talks to or the amount of freedom so that one can selfishly possess the spouse.  God is jealous for his people and he will protect his people.  When the time for exile is over, God still loves.  He still wants relationship.  He still wants intimacy.  He stills wants Israel to be his people.  Because of a promise made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, God is jealous for his people.  He never controls but he does protect and lift up.  God is jealous for us.  We will sin, but he longs for relationship.  Because he never stops loving, we repent of sin and find that God never abandoned us.  Praise Him!