Ezekiel 32-34

The Good Shepherd.
At the end of chapter 34, God speaks of his people as sheep without a shepherd.  Those who were to shepherd Jerusalem took advantage of the people.  They used their power and position to have access to the best while ignoring the people allowing them to suffer physically and spiritually.  So God promises that he will send another David.  He will send one who will be the shepherd that will honor God and love the sheep.  Jesus in John 10 calls himself the Good Shepherd.  He speaks of love for the sheep and that he has God’s heart in caring for the sheep.  God kept his promise, but the people rejected the Shepherd.  God’s desire has been to protect his people.  Jesus is God’s solution to sheep who scatter easily, who are vulnerable and powerless, and who need correction.  Jesus is our Good Shepherd.  May we open our hearts to him and see the love of God.